Looking for something special for your baby's birthday? Beautiful and fun photo shoots are a great way to celebrate and commemorate, but Cake Smash Photo Shoots even more so - perfect for capturing the milestone of a first birthday!

So what's a Cake Smash Photo Shoot exactly?

Babies and cakes.
A lot of mess.
And it's ridiculously cute. (If done well.) These portraits are filled with expression and will make everyone smile.

We have teamed up with the fabulous Willow Bough Tea Rooms in Wimbledon to help you organise an easy and sweet Cake Smash Photo Shoot. The cake is freshly made by Willow Bough's Clare to order and is as delicious as it is photogenic. 

The finished photos make perfect gifts for the family, can be used for Thank You Cards, and can be included in a yearly family photo album.

I personally adore naked cakes, which our first little birthday boy received. There is something about them that screams yummy, fresh and handmade. And the beautiful smell that lingers in the air... A Cake Smash Photo Shoot is joy for all the senses. 

For this session we chose a magical woodland background and matched it with light green icing for the cake, and beige braces and hat for our little model, chosen by his personal stylist (mum).

It's always best to bring your own accessories to ensure that the session and the photographs are totally unique and personal. Bow ties and hats work really well, pearls for girls, balloons, and all sorts of birthday decorations. Bringing a change of clothes and a packet of baby wipes is also a good idea, as most likely we will all end up covered in icing and crumbs. 

To discuss your ideas for a Cake Smash Photo Shoot contact us, or enjoy a cup of tea at Willow Bough Tea Rooms and chat to Clare. 


Tekla Szocs