Bear With Me - Blondie & The Bears

Having a party coming up soon? Meet Blondie & The Bears!

I sat down with Mimsi from Blondie & The Bears, a boutique children's entertainments and party planner, to chat about her work, as she was preparing for an incredible nerf gun themed birthday party in Notting Hill. As seen on her instagram before, the decoration, the cake, the little details and the big pile of props she had set up, completely blew me. I wanted to know more about what goes into organising a party of this volume, and of course, of Mimsi's history. 

What inspires you professionally? 

"This may sound like a cliche but I love to see women running their own companies whatever business background and it doesn't matter if they are juggling children/families or multiple jobs, I think its very empowering to see female leaders. In this industry, one might assume it is very female dominated but there are a lot of men in the children's party scene and I would say its fairly even. Therefore it is quite nice to meet other women who are passionate about their companies and happy to share their experiences."


Tell us about your favourite task so far.

"Over the years I have seen some very cool parties but one stands to mind was when we took a petting zoo to a venue in the middle of hyde park along with motorised mini range rovers which the children could race around in an inflatable track. Sometimes the exciting part of the job is when you are challenged to source a service you have not worked with because it allows you some creative research and new experiences."

And the craziest request from clients? How did you deal with it? 

"There have been many crazy requests from clients but stands out is being asked to bring ponies to a members club for the children to ride indoors, which believe it or not is absolutely possible!"

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time and what's your ultimate goal with Blondie & The Bears. What would be your dream job? 

"It would be really great to see the company expand over the next five years and become a household name amongst families with young children. I have been in the industry already for four years and I never tire of seeing the children get excited and enjoying themselves at the parties. Its wonderful to be able to stretch their imaginations with our entertainment style and encourage them to get really creative. All of our entertainers are trained actors in and out of theatre, tv and film so a lot of what they work-shop with the children, can lead to great social skills and help grow their confidence as well as encourage drama as an activity."

Do you have any tips for people considering to hire a party planner? 

"I think its really important to trust the planner who is organising the party because ultimately you are hoping they will take away the stress and difficulties of pulling together various services, suppliers and staff for the event. For parents who are juggling children/work/family, organising any kind of gathering takes up a lot of time as well as emotion especially if something goes wrong or someone lets you down last minute. Thats where I step in and try to relieve all worry from the client as well as put forward creative ideas to make the party look pleasing as well as fun."

And finally please tell us about an achievement are you most proud of. 

"I have been planning more and more adults events which even though, is a similar process to childrens events, the set-up and services can be very different. I organised a bridal shower this year and had lots of fun with it and was certainly proud of the end result especially as it came together in less time that I would have perhaps hoped for. It was a Tea Party theme and we built up the table with layers of props, fresh flowers, porcelain and gold tableware along with balloons which was accompanied by a solo harpist who played classical music for the guests. The table display looked better than I had envisioned and the whole styling process was really fun."

Thank you Mimsi for your time!

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