Photographing family events provides me with a beautiful variety in my work in between family portrait sessions. Birthdays, anniversaries, and christenings are the most popular occasions for which families book a professional photographer, & last week I was in Notting Hill to capture an Alice in Wonderland themed Holy Communion Party. 


I photographed the parents' fabulous wedding last year, and we have now returned to the same church for their little girl's Holy Communion. How utterly lovely to see the family again and capture moments for them of this new and important life event.

During the church ceremony photography wasn't allowed, but while people were arriving and taking their seats I managed to take some lovely photos. And then we headed off to the party! A hidden, shabby chic restaurant was the venue with such crazy bright colours, that made for a great backdrop for all the party pics! 

Now as a large event such as this is so vastly different to dedicated portraits sessions, the work is naturally more editorial in nature.  But this is no lesser prospect as we can capture so many moments "on the hoof(!)" from the client and their guests. This produces a richly eclectic mixture of sweet, humorous, touching moments that make it a true reflection of a shared moment experienced by everyone there. Children in face paints? Yes! Formal groupings? Sure thing! Opportunities for individual portraits? Absolutely! 

The addition of decoration and activities at the party really adds to the celebratory mood, and helps draw out more of the personalities in the room.

Tekla Szocs