This has been my third time photographing a Greek christening ceremony in St Sophia's Cathedral in Bayswater and it has been absolutely delightful again. The church is so beautiful, richly decorated, and fairly bright (that is, in April) inside, that it asks to be photographed. So far it has been my favourite venue for christening shoots. 

Every detail of the event had been carefully planned - the parents contacted me and booked the day in my diary 6 months in advance, and it allowed us a lot of time to talk about and custom tailor the packages I offer.  My most popular package is a christening shoot combined with a family shoot - and it's the one I love the most too, because the final photos then tell a more complete story of the family. A beautiful collection of documentary images, candid shots, and mindful portraits, that are best featured in physical albums.   

So following all the preparations we started our big day at the family home with a fun and relaxed portrait session: we were aiming for natural photos, allowing the baby to take part in it in her own pace. So the photoshoot involved playing with toy dinosaurs, a flamingo shaped, massive, pink balloon, marvelling at the flashlight, and having little breaks with snacks. The perfect balance. 

Then the christening ceremony also went really smooth and everyone had a wonderful time. Even the kids. Who would have thought spinning on the mosaic floor of a church can be that much fun? And staring into the flames of candles. And trying to reorganise the entire interior. And then having a little cuddly rest on the steps.

The baby girl has been, of course, the star of the show. Super relaxed and curious, she was an absolute joy to photograph. She shared some great giggles with her parents, of which I managed to capture really sweet and heartwarming photos. 

Also some spectacular shots of the cathedral itself, and closeups of the props necessary to the ceremony. The gorgeous little white dress for the baby with matching shoes always make my heart melt. 


It has been a pleasure to have met the family and their guests, and a privilege to be invited to photograph a day of their life of such importance. I'm confident the album will be delightful to look at for many years and generations to come. 

These albums are hand designed by me: after the family decides on the photos to include, I build a layout that best showcases the photos and tells the story of the day. Any changes are possible to carry out before sending it to print. The final product is a bespoke lay flat photo book of outstanding quality, with hard cover and rigid, non-curly pages, and premium printing standards. Accompanied by a usb stick with all the touched up digital photographs. 

The online, password protected gallery I provide with each shoot is a great way to share the photos with friends and family and all the guests who attended. 

I believe major family events deserve to be photographed professionally. Asking a friend to shoot it may or may not turn out okay. Hiring a professional means there will be definitely great memories captured. 

Tekla Szocs