Bad weather? Great! Here is why.

Having a family photography session in poor weather may not sound ideal at first, but I'll share what I learnt from them and why I think it is definitely worth giving it a try. 

1. Because it's unique! How many photos have you got in your family album that were taken on such days? And how many days of the year are like this regardless? We all know what English weather is like - rain and wind are an inevitable part of our every days. So let's embrace it! With a little planning we can create photos that stand out and give you an experience you have not had before.

2. At the same time you've got something to keep the kids busy with! Ever struggled finding activities for them on dark days? Wrap them up, put on the wellies, and 5 minutes later they won't even notice the bad weather. They will be having too much fun jumping over puddles.

3. Drama and Mystery on your doorstep. No, really. Stormy skies allow for stunning and dramatic photos, while grey or foggy days add subtle mystery to the overall feeling of the images. The effect is totally different from the conventional family photography idea. Have a shoot in the February mist and you'll remember it for a long time. 

winter family photoshoot

4. Dress for the occasion, this is very important, stay warm and dry. Colourful welly boots, hats, giant umbrellas, and waterproof dragon-shaped capes make for brilliant props too! Pick something nice, coordinate the colours, and all is ready for a great outdoors shoot! Wearing bright block colours work really well on such days!

5. Wind day? Bring out the kite! And long, flowy scarves. 

These shoots go fairly quickly because of all the initial planning, and their unusual nature can provide great fun for the whole family. So ignore the weather forecasts, if you're interested in a truly unique and honest representation of what you and your family get up to outdoors in winter, take the plunge and go for it!

Tekla Szocs