I had the privilege to photograph a wonderful christening in St Sophia's Cathedral in Bayswater. I have been in this church before yet again I was amazed by the beauty of the interior. It must be one of the prettiest venues in London for a christening. 

When making arrangements for a christening shoot I always recommend to take the family photos first, preferably at home with close family. As babies tend to be the happiest in the mornings it's the best time to capture some cute moments and sweet cuddles and the general excitement of the approaching event. Trying to achieve the same after the ceremony might not be easy with tired, over stimulated and all-in-all cranky baby. However, for group pictures, this is the perfect time as everyone has arrived already or not left yet. 

I personally love Greek christenings (and weddings too). The interior of the cathedrals are stunning, with lots of natural light and spectacular choreography. These photos below were taken using available light only. 

So my suggestion in order to get the best results, is to allow time for a shoot in the morning, and choose a time slot for the ceremony for when there is still natural light available (this is mostly important in the winter when by 2pm it's almost dark outside). Flashlight, can of course be of great help in dark churches, but flash photography is not allowed in all of them - this needs to be discussed when making the booking with them. Also, in the touching moments of christening the newest family member, guests most likely won't appreciate a photographer flashing like crazy trying to get a sharp image. 

Keeping these in mind your session should run smoothly and you'll receive wonderful imagery of it.

Tekla Szocs