Family shoot with 14+1

Where to have a shoot with large groups? 

Chloe had been the lucky winner of my Facebook page competition and as such she was entitled to a 2 hours shoot at any location of her choice in London. One of the reasons we decided to go for an outdoors shoot was that she wanted to include her entire family: 14 people and a dog. A park/forest/meadow can not only give us plenty of space but lot of variety too in terms of backdrops, and it's great fun for everyone, especially the kids and dogs. Her 3 kids just loved to climb on top of everything - fences, benches, trees, etc - which made for great action shots. 

We exchanged several emails before the shoot, discussing clothing, props and ideas in general, so when the day came there was nothing left to do but enjoy the session. I think her choice of outfits was brilliant, really nicely coordinated and still suiting everyones personalities, also in beautiful balance with the fall colours of the park. 

Tekla Szocs