BEAR WITH ME - Athena With The Bear Hair

Ever seen a bear in London? A real one? 

Meet Athena, the sweetest bear cub in town.

Athena is a Bear Coat Shar Pei, and she is so insanely adorable that I had to invite her for photos. On the day of our shoot I was so happy and excited like in my childhood when waiting for Santa. And it's been a few days now but I just can't stop smiling since.

Bear Coats are extremely cute and fluffy, and even more rare. Their super soft coat is a result of a recessive gene in both parents, therefore it's mostly unpredictable whether there will be bear coat puppies in the litter. 

During our photo shoot she has been an amazingly good dog! She is still a puppy but she is patient and curious and just hilarious (see the flower-fun photos).

Athena lives in London and loves adventures so we decided to discover some new places together. Check out her Instagram to see her chasing pigeons and hanging out with her friends. 

Tekla Szocs