Standing on The Shoulders of Giants editorial with Franzi and Lina in Kikimora Magazine.

In amongst the hulking ruins of the imposing Rhine-Westphalian steel plants, vegetation slowly reclaims the land as it’s own again. 
What is the truth that nature demonstrates to us?
There will always be a playground.

This was our concept when we decided to shoot at Landschaftspark Duisburg, an out of use steel plant, that has been transformed into a recreation and arts centre, with diving tanks, cafes and bars, canopies and climbing walls. While it’s absolutely spectacular, it’s not a usual location for children’s photography.

Jacek Rekuc, editor in chief at Kikimora Magazine noted: a fascinating clash of disquieting industrial ruins and life-giving nature, lovely fashion sets.

Styled by Andrea Kramer, we used Molo, Bobo Choses, Kids on the Moon, and Raspberry Republic, to support the playful side of our story.

From all things filmed we were able to edit several videos, below is one featuring only Molo outfits, as shared on their LinkedIn: There Will Always Be A Playground.

See more photos from the shoot here: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.