The 26th of January was a brilliant adventure for us! I can’t wait to do it all over again!

We arrived to Gare du Nord in the morning, got a coffee first thing, strolled around Montmartre, had a fantastic shoot with the beautiful Elma, saw a cookie in a café that looked like a pig’s snout and we’re wondering since what that really is, and finally we made our way to Parc Floral… Where we had our minds absolutely blown!

This was our first time at Playtime Paris, and having read lots of articles and seen many photos of it, we knew it was big and exciting, but what we found was beyond that. It was BIG! Massive! Incredible! With 558 brands presenting their AW19 collections, we suddenly understood why this event is three days long.

There were so many beautiful, playful, thoughtful, crazy, comfy, gorgeous designs, that we found ourselves filming every rail of clothes we walked past. And wished we had time to chat to everyone. We learnt so much about trends and about the industry, it was just fantastic, and we’d like to thank everyone who took a moment to share their thoughts with us. Thank you to Playtime, who made this happen, and to, who published our video in their article about the event.

In the video we featured Wauw Capow, Paade Mode, Chandamama Kids, Buttercrumble, Jellycat, Dinoski, Louise Misha, Bebebebe, Mum of 6 kids, Carbon Soldier, Amy & Ivor, Loud Apparel, Lilli & Leopold, Troisoeurs.

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