Our summer shoot with Angel's Face is out on! I'm super excited to see our work published - it has been a wonderful teamwork and a great day out by the canal. 

Click here to see the Canalside Story.  

The shoot was inspired by Angel's Face artist's statement: 
"Keely designs each and every piece of the collection with something a little bit special in mind - a satin trim, a super-soft lace sleeve, a sparkly collar, a gold charm... that extra something to make girls covet and adore it, and want to make memories wearing it."

... And we wanted to capture those memories. The carefree summer days, with wind in the hair, and sunset lights on the cheeks. We also wanted to create a sense of fun and adventure. 

For the second part of the shoot we introduced the feel of approaching autumn with the change of outfits and switching from barges to smoke bombs. Which was equally great fun.

Our little model, Mia, and ourselves were absolutely taken by the great design and quality of the clothes, and we're delighted we had the opportunity to shoot with them. 

Tekla Szocs