Do you love simple and true images, that stay with us for the rest of our lives? 

I believe in the importance of family photos. It's not just a fad, to photograph the kids when they are cute, and store those 629 photos on a phone and lose them from time to time. Family photos are our history and a future legacy. Having lived in several countries I noticed there was one thing that had accompanied me on all the journeys - beside my camera:a cardboard box of old family photos. They aren't replaceable. They remind me who I am and where I come from.  

My approach to family and children's photography is a careful mix of styled portraiture, action, and candid documentarY,

and it to date has taken me to shoot in many places around the world and allowed me to meet many eclectic people along the way. I have been honoured to be invited to shoot for the Duke of Edinburgh, and for royalties and celebrities in locations ranging from London, through Dubai, to Kuala Lumpur and New Zealand. 


It starts with tailored planning, is followed by the fun-filled shoot, and finishes up with a relaxed viewing session of your photos. You can choose to add further options at any time that are a carefully selected group of quality products that compliment your images. There are several types of shoots to choose from (home, outdoors, studio) - I'll be happy to guide you through the packages to find out which would best suit you. 

Once you have a date in mind, I'll talk you through clothing, props, timing, participants, locations and the theme/occasion if there is one. This is something that is worth thinking about to make the most of your shoot time and it will hugely benefit the final photos. 

The shooting time varies between 90 minutes and a half day - depending on the package you chose. With subtle directions throughout the shoot I'll help everyone feel relaxed in front of the camera, so we can capture natural moments, great dynamics and genuine emotions. During the session we'll take a huge variety of photos while ensuring that we achieve any initial ideas you wanted captured.  

Your photos will be edited to perfection,  preserving their natural look and giving them a stunning feel at the same time. The viewing session may be booked for any time 5 days after the shoot, in person or online, during which you'll see the final photos. We also supply a range of high quality prints, albums, and desk blocks which provide your photos the presentation they deserve.


013_Portraits 2017.jpg

Dear Tekla,
Thank you SO much!  I have been sitting here all afternoon flicking through your incredible photographs and I am just so utterly thrilled with them!  They are everything we wanted and more, you have captured the day perfectly; I just can't believe how many amazing moments you managed to capture! They made me quite emotional.  
I can't thank you enough - they are wonderful, simply wonderful.


Family group photo.jpg

Wow! What can I say? Tekla is an amazing photographer with many years of experience. Tekla was flexible with dates and times, arrived with the full kit and loads of ideas!! Even fake snow! We all had an amazing day even the kids were saying how much fun they had! Our photos are amazing and I can't wait to print some for the wall. I would love to arrange a photo shoot with Tekla again in the future. Thank you so much for capturing our family fun and memories xxx

- Chloe

Childrens portraits.jpg

What a fabulous photo session and (even more importantly) beautiful photos! Capturing smiles on all the faces of a family group is tough, and with a baby even more challenging. I would have been very pleased to have one picture that turned out 'perfect' - now I have so many to choose from! Highly recommend.

- Stephen